1. Go to https://www.gemfarm.gg/ Once there click farmer


    Once farmer page is selected you will be prompted to connect your walletImage
  2. Once your wallet is connected it will then ask for the farm address: 77gXQcrcQ8waGS2GVixRg5erGztEJdXrcah7LmepGgVw Then click new farmer (edited)Image

    Welcome to the farm!
  3. Click on an NFT under your wallet that you would like to stake, then click the right arrow to move it to your vault! It should then show your alien in the vault, next you will click move gems as circled on the picture Once complete your wallet will then prompt you with a transaction fee of .00393 SOL This fee is returned back to you apon unstaking Then click approve on your wallet this transaction may fail When the transaction goes through you will see the move gems button disappear if you are staking multiple aliens at a time you will have to approve multiple transactions only Alien Universe NFT’s can be staked (edited)


    Note the move gems button must not be showing to be able to stake Now click begin staking! Once it shows the vault is locked you may return at any time to claim your rewards with the claim button???????? (edited)

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